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Geographe Safety Compliance Services

First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Provide First Aid Training is a National Accreditation First Aid training course that will prepare you or your staff for an emergency in the workplace or home. Learning practical skills so you can administer first aid to your family and work colleagues in a crisis situation. First Aid Training teaches you how to deal with an emergency situation and includes, bleeding to burns plus CPR preparing you in the event of a medical emergency.

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) provides the full range of Australia wide certified first aid training courses that make sure you and your staff are prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

Fire Equipment

Fire Equipment

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) offers a complete range of Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Fire Blankets, and other related equipment.
GSCS sell premium quality fire equipment that is manufactured to Australian standards at very competitive prices.

Fire Training

Fire Training

Fire Safety Training equips your staff with the skills required to use fire fighting equipment, including hoses, extinguishers and blankets, on small workplace fires.

This Nationally Recognised training, accompanied by regular drills and ongoing education in the workplace, will ensure your personnel are ready to deal with any fire incident safely and effectively.

Training is an investment in your staff so make sure you get the most out of every cent you spend. Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) offers a comprehensive range of training courses aimed to meet your personal and workplaces needs. We have great trainers who are passionate about delivering training and assuring you get the most out of the training experience. At Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) we contextualise our training so it is relatable to your staff and meets the needs of your business. It is our aim at Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) to deliver the best training in the Southwest at very competitive prices.

At Geographe Safety Compliance Services – We do things a bit differently.

Here at Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) we don’t just come in, deliver training, and leave. We offer you much more. As part of the training services, we can also work with you to develop your workplaces training matrix, develop a training schedules that will achieve your training and legislative requirements. And we do this for no extra cost.

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) training can:

  • Plan – Work with you to develop your training program
  • Come to you – deliver training at your workplace
  • Train when you want it – You set the date you for the training
  • Customise your training – we deliver the training to be relatable to your workplace
  • Follow up – our support doesn’t finish at the end of the training

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) can be an extension of your business and take all the stress of assuring your training requirements are met and we can do this at no extra costs.

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At Geographe Safety Compliance Services Busselton do more than Fire Services and Training, we also do:

Consultation on your businesses safety compliance needs.

For nationally recognised training delivered conveniently, affordably and professionally,
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  • Monday – Friday : 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday : 8:00am – 12:00pm by appointment

Nationally recognised training delivered in partnership with Trainwest (RTO code 51807)