DefibrillatorWhy should you have a defibrillator?

The Vital First 10 Minutes

The most compelling reason as to why anyone needs to have a defibrillator on hand is that after the first 10 minutes of having a cardiac arrest, survival rates can drop to be less than 10% if appropriate treatment is not administered. In fact, survival rates can drop by 10% for every minute the patient has to wait for defibrillation. In the Southwest, how long will it take for medical assistance to arrive at your workplace?

Most people understand the lifesaving support a defibrillator can give. This, combined with good first aid training, can assist to increase survival rates from cardiac arrest and other medical conditions.

The main reason most businesses don’t have defibrillators is the cost of the defibrillator and the cost of training to use it.

We can help.

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) now has defibrillator sales and leasing/training package that will equip your business with a state of the art defibrillator and associated training so all staff are equipped, trained and ready to act in the event of a cardiac arrest or other medical assistance situation. Defibrillator leasing packages can also attract discounts on training and a variety of other Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) packages to assist making a defibrillator valuable for your business.Defibrillators -Samaritan 360P
Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) offer 2 state of the art defibrillators for sale or lease.

Samaritan 360P

Fully automatic Defibrillator for adults and paediatric use. The SAM 360P is designed to monitor heart rhythm and automatically deliver an electric shock if needed.

Samaritan 500P (Preferred)

Defibrillators - samaritan 500pFully automatic Defibrillator for adults and paediatric use. The SAM 500P determines whether the compressions are effective through its CPR feedback technology.

All defibrillator leases include training and replacement of pads and batteries.

Contact Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) for all your defibrillator requirements.

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