Test & Tag

test and tag equipmentElectrical Test and Tag is the process of conducting a visual inspection on an electrical appliance by one of our trained, certified technicians. If the equipment is deemed in good condition, the technician will conduct an earth leak test to ensure it is electrically safe.

It is also important to ensure your workplace is complying with Australian OHS and Electrical Safety regulations and workplace safety legislation. Our technicians will not only assure all your equipment is safe, they will satisfy compliance with all relevant regulations and keep detailed records of your electrical testing.

“AS/NZS 3760 is a standard created by Standards Australia that outlines a testing method and frequency for electrical appliances. It was created to minimize electrical hazards in the workplace. Appliances are inspected for damage, and various measurements are made to the appliances’ earth continuityinsulationpolarity, and physical condition. After testing has determined a pass, a tag is attached to the appliance lead indicating when it was tested, when the next test is due, and a tracking code. Retesting intervals of equipment can vary from 3 months to 5 years, depending on the environment where the equipment is located.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS/NZS_3760

Electrical Test and Tag is carried out to ensure that your workplace is safe by regularly testing 240V, 3 phase and low voltage electrical equipment.

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Test & Tag

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