Fire Extinguishers

Why are Fire Services Important?

Firefighting equipment is one of the tools businesses can use to manage the risk of fire. Fire can be a devastating occurrence resulting in the loss of property or even life, and it is important all businesses manage the risk to the best of their ability to not only minimise the risk of fire but also the amount of resulting damage in the event a fire does occur.  Having the correct fire equipment and assuring it is serviced and ready to use is an important part of risk management for any businesses.

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) offers a comprehensive range of fire services which are compliant with all relevant Australian Standards. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and work with our clients to assure we are managing the risk of fire in any workplace.

Design and Install Fire Equipment

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) can designate the fire equipment for your workplace to make sure your equipment is the correct size and type to meet your specific identified fire hazard. We install all extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets and signage to assure they meet the requirements of Australian Standards AS 2444-2001.

Fire Equipment sales

Geographe Safety Compliance Services (GSCS) offer the complete range of Fire extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Hose Reels and other related equipment. We sell only premium quality fire equipment that is manufactured to Australian standards and because we buy all our equipment from a wholesaler we can sell to our clients at very competitive prices.

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Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Extinguishers

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