Servicing Your Fire Fighting Equipment with Geographe Safety Compliance Services

fire extinguisherLike all equipment in your office and workplace, fire fighting equipment needs to be regularly maintained. The difference with this unique equipment is that if it is faulty, it could cost you more than just a replacement price if you go to use it in an emergency and it doesn’t work. Fire fighting equipment needs to be inspected and tagged as compliant by a professional, accredited expert who can recognise any small issues that may render the equipment useless and have disastrous consequences in an emergency.

Geographe Safety Compliance Services offer comprehensive and industry-specific fire equipment servicing and testing to ensure your fire fighting equipment is safe and effective. With years of experience in the safety industry, our accredited servicemen are not only experts in the field of fire safety equipment maintenance, but also carry out risk assessment and fire fighting training in the workplace.

Getting your fire equipment serviced and maintained by a reputable professional will result in the knowledge that:

  • Your Equipment Works and Is Safe to Use
  • Your Fire Risks Have Been Identified
  • Australian Standards and Compliance Have Been Met

Your Equipment Works and Is Safe To Use

There is no use having fire equipment in your workplace or office if it doesn’t work when you need it to. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your equipment is functioning correctly and safely when you need it.

Your Fire Risks Have Been Identified

fireAs part of our fire equipment inspection service, Geographe Safety Compliance Services will also inspect your workplace and identify fire risks, making sure you have the appropriate equipment to attend to any workplace-specific fire emergencies. This will also identify risks that have developed over time or any new risks that have arisen in your workplace.

Australian Standards and Compliance Have Been Met

You are legally obligated to ensure your worker’s safety in your workplace and, as such, there are standards and regulations that your workplace must adhere too when it comes to emergency and safety equipment. Employing the services of a professional will ensure your obligations are met and your equipment is complaint with all Australian standards.

Who Can Assist Me with Fire Equipment Maintenance, Servicing and Testing?

Geographe Safety Compliance Services will visit your workplace and efficiently test and service all your fire safety and fighting equipment whilst being complaint with industry standards and recognising your business’s unique needs. Call Craig today on 0439 858 808 today to book your service.