The Importance Of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Who Can Carry Out Drug and Alcohol Testing For Me In Busselton?Common sense tells us that drinking and taking harmful drugs in the workplace is obviously prohibited but many workers do not realise the impact that excessive drinking and recreational drugs outside of work hours can have on their safety, productivity and employment prospects.

It is reported that up to 10% of deaths and injuries in the workplace are most commonly due to drugs or alcohol, presumably being taken either at home or during after work hours.

This is estimated to cost workplaces across Australia around $1.5 billion per year (Safety in Action, 2016), not including the reduced productivity and absenteeism associated and not to mention the detrimental effect on families affected and other workers.

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace may seem like an invasion of privacy to some, but it is essential to determine if workers are capable of performing their duties safely in high risk practices. By implementing Drug and Alcohol Testing procedures and policies, you are essentially ensuring that you:

  • Protect Your Workers
  • Protect Your Workplace
  • Protect Your Customers and Clients

Protect Your Workers

The duty of care of your workers is one of your most important considerations. Whether they decide to participate in excessive drinking and recreational drugs outside of work hours is beyond your control, however you can control their safety and exposure to risk in your workplace. Testing for drugs and alcohol is essentially designed to protect the worker themselves from carrying out dangerous work when they are not fully coherent or capable of doing so.

Protect Your Workplace

Workers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will inevitably make mistakes and cause damage to themselves or surrounding property and equipment. By ensuring your workers are clear of inhibiting substances before they begin work, you may not be guaranteeing the safety of your equipment and workspaces completely (because accidents happen in all circumstances) but you are significantly decreasing the risk of your valuable stock, machinery and manufactured products being damaged or destroyed by workers under the influence.

Protect Your Customers and Clients

Do you regularly have clients or customers visiting your workplace? Their safety is also your concern. Whether you operate a large warehouse or a super-sized mine site, the people visiting your workplace are entitled to feel safe and your workers are responsible for this.

Who Can Carry Out Drug and Alcohol Testing For Me In Busselton?

Geographe Safety Compliance Services are your local choice in all areas of safety in the workplace. Our Drug and Alcohol Testing system complies with industry regulations and Australian Standards and can be conducted via urine or saliva at your workplace at your convenience.

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